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What is Calories? How much calories do you need for a fit body?

Posted by on Oct 25, 2016

What is Calories? How much calories do you need for a fit body?

Through calorie, an energy unit is defined. According to the book of nutrition, calorie is the amount of energy that has been taken through drinking and eating food. From an apple, it is possible to consume 80 calories. By walking a mile, you can easily lose 100 calories.

Basically, calories are found in two types. They are known as small calorie and large calorie.

Small Calorie: If temperature of one gram water can be raised by one degree Celsius then it can be considered as a small calorie.

Large Calorie: On the occasion, temperature of 1kilogram water is increased by 1°.

In this article, discussions have been done on the calorie and how much a person needs to survive on daily basis.

What are calories?

Everything that provides energy has calories inside them. In most occasions, calories have been associated with the drinks and food. Both the small and large calories can be interchanged with each other by the people. Therefore, lots of confusion can be noticed on the occasion. To clear the cloud from the mind, it is better to talk with the experts.


Requirement of calorie per person everyday

Calories are generally needed by the body to live life adequately. To run cells of the body, it is important to supply energy to the body through food and fluid. Due to lack of energy and nutrition, body organ may stop to function completely.

By taking necessary amount of calorie every day, it may be possible to offer nutrition for a healthy life. Due to higher and lower amount of calorie consumption in comparison to required amount, problems can be seen in the health.

Through the amount of calorie conserve, it is possible to say how much potential energy can be possessed by a person. One gram of carbohydrates equals to 4 calories whereas protein and fat comes with the calorie contain of 4 and 9 simultaneously.

From mere one egg, you can easily get 24 grams or 218 calories of fat, 31 grams or 124 calories of carbohydrate and 2 grams or 8 calories of carbohydrate.

Calories Consumed Everyday

For every person calorie count everyday is not same. The amount of calorie count may be decided based on different kinds of factors such physical activity, health and body shape. Health authorities have not managed to come at a conclusion regarding consumption of calorie. Requirement of men of 23 years is certainly different from women at the age of 75. Still, experts say that 1000 calories to 1400 calories must be supplied to the body to operate basic organs like lungs, heart and kidney. In some occasion, an addition calorie of 400 to 600 may be needed too.

Through the amount of calories, adequate nutrition can be offered to the body. It plays an important role on the issue of weight loss also. Calorie count must be checked perfectly. By maintaining the calorie consumed every day, health problems are generally avoided. Life can be made pleasurable in this fashion.

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