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Foods that Cleanse the Liver

Posted by on Jan 4, 2017

The liver is one of the hardest working organs in the body. Through our liver, the body rids itself of toxins. The liver detoxify our blood, produce the bile that is needed to digest fat, break down hormones and store essential vitamins, iron and minerals. The liver is the main organ for detoxifying as well as a digestive organ.

If one is experiencing abdominal bloating, pain and discomfort over the liver area- right upper abdominal area under the rib cage, then it is time to detoxify the liver.

If one has high blood pressure, experiencing fatigue, high cholesterol, depression, and mood swings, has fatty yellowish lumps around the eyes, one must take immediate action to detoxify. He or she must alter his/her diet and lifestyle in order to heal the liver.

A fatty liver is very alarming. In this case, the liver is blocked or clogged up with unhealthy fat. In this situation, toxins will enter the heart via unclean blood, resulting in damaging the heart and immune system. This may lead to rapid aging.

In order to have a healthy liver, avoid being exposed to toxic substances such as smoke, alcohol, preservatives, pesticides, fertilizers, etc. Change your eating habits by removing foods that are high in sugar, processed foods and simple carbohydrates.

Here is a list of foods that will cleanse the liver:

  1. Garlic

Just add garlic to your everyday cooking because it contains sulfur compounds that can help activate enzymes in the liver. Garlic contains allicin and selenium, substances that protects the liver.


  1. Cilantro

This herb can be added to salads and smoothies. Cilantro can help remove heavy metals from the body.

  1. Avocado

It contains compounds that can protect the liver from damage.


  1. Turmeric

Turmeric is a spice that protects the liver from damage. It encourages regeneration of liver cells. Turmeric increases natural bile production and aids in keeping the body toxin free.


  1. Grapefruit

It is high in vitamin C and antioxidants and increases natural cleansing process of the liver.


  1. Green tea

Green tea is high in antioxidants known as catechism which is a compound known to assist liver function.


  1. Beets and Carrots

Beets and carrots are high in beta-carotene and plant-flavonoids that can help stimulate and improve overall liver function.

  1. Apple

Apples are high in pectin which retains chemical constituents that are necessary for the body to cleanse and release toxins from the digestive tracts, making it easier for the liver to handle toxins during the cleansing process.


  1. Tomatoes

Tomatoes contain glutathione which is a great detoxifier for the liver.


  1. Spinach

It is also a great source of glutathione.


  1. Cabbage

The isothiocyanates made from cabbage’s glucosinolates provides liver detoxifying enzymes that will help flush out toxins from the body.


  1. Walnuts

Walnuts are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, and the amino acid arginine. These substances support normal liver cleansing activity. Walnuts also has glutathione that detoxify ammonia.


  1. Brussels sprouts

This vegetable is high in sulfur and glucosinolate which is responsible in the release of enzymes that block damage from dietary toxins.


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