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What Makes Shakeology Great For Weight Loss?

Posted by on Oct 7, 2016

What Makes Shakeology Great For Weight Loss?

In recent years, a number of people have managed to lose weight thanks to the Shakeology program. If you’ve tried — unsuccessfully — to lose weight in the past, you may wonder if Shakeology is any better than the programs that failed you.

Shakeology has a very strong track record of success. When you pay attention to how it works, it’s easy to see what makes this program stand out.


High-Quality Ingredients

If your body isn’t getting the right kind of nutrients, you aren’t going to be able to achieve any kind of long-term weight loss. Your body will eventually start to store fat to make sure you don’t starve.

When you use the Shakeology program, you’ll be able to take in a number of high quality ingredients. You’ll look and feel better than you did before you started the program. A number of people report having more energy after they start the program.

It’s Easy

It’s hard to stick with a weight loss program if that program is overly complex. After all, most people lead very busy lives. If you’re swamped with work and personal commitments, you may not have enough time to focus on eating healthily.

When you use the Shakeology system, everything is taken for of. You’ll have one ready made, nutritious meal to consume every single day. You won’t have to cook or go shopping for fresh ingredients. The food you need to eat will be right there in front of you.


No one wants to eat bland or strangely-textured food. People enjoy foods that taste great and leave them feeling satisfied.

Shakeology offers a number of different flavors, from chocolate to strawberry to coffee inspired flavors. People can select the flavors that align with their tastes.

Shakeology shakes are designed to taste like a milkshake; something a lot of people like indulging in. Signing on for this system allows people to satisfy their sweet tooth. Many people who are on this system have said that they no longer experience cravings for less healthy foods.

It Enhances Digestion

When you’re on the Shakeology, you will get more than a single healthy meal replacement to enjoy each day. You will also be able to take in ingredients that will improve your ability to digest food.

If you have your Shakeology shake for breakfast, it will be easier for you to digest your lunch. If you drink Shakeology at lunchtime, you’ll easily digest your dinner.

Shakeology shakes ensure that your body will use all of the food that you eat in an efficient way. When your digestive system starts to improve, you will see your metabolism start to naturally increase.


Shakeology is going to cost about $100 per month. When you figure that you’re replacing at least 1 meal per day with it, then that is actually pretty affordable. For me, I use alongside intermittent fasting, so I’ve really been able to eliminate some of my monthly spending associated with eating.

Bottom Line

If you want to lose weight, you should definitely try the Shakeology system. Whether you opt for a flavor like vanilla or try something more exotic, like greenberry, you will love having these ready-made shakes to drink. There are even vegan shakes available! Anyone can benefit from this amazing weight loss system.

Information from WebMD

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How to start with fitness exercises ?

Posted by on Sep 9, 2016

How to start with fitness exercises ?

Everyone is pressed for time these days. It does not have to mean that fitness can’t be a part of your life. In as little as 10 minutes a day, you can begin to make positive changes to your body. People often have an all or nothing idea about exercise. They feel that if they can’t fit in an hour of exercise that they will do nothing instead. On the other hand, some people take pictures after each training session, in order to see difference inbetween sessions. It is not that bad, but you need to be a bit more patient in order to see the difference -it can’t come over night.

Fitness tips – organizing exercises

Successful exercisers make fitness an important part of their lives. It is not just that they want to, it also becomes a routine – it becomes like a lifestyle. Try scheduling your time to exercise like you would any other appointment. The most important thing is that you organize the exercises in the way that you can’t wait to exercise, which means that the exercises will be at the most convenient time to you. If you are struggling to fit exercise into your day, try implementing at least some following fitness tips.


Tackle one body part per day

Perform as many reps as it takes to reach failure. Or set a rep goal for yourself and do as many sets as it takes to reach your goal.

Exercise while you watch TV

(Don’t just sit there, DO something.) Why not do some crunches, or leg extensions while watching the tube? How about some lunges? Anything yo can do in a gym sitting down, you can do at home sitting down in front of the tube.


Superset your workouts

Put two exercises together and perform them one after another with no rest in between. You can either do a mixed superset of an upper and lower move combined, or you can choose two opposing muscle groups like chest and back.

Combine 2 moves into 1

Any time you perform a lower body exercise and your arms are not involved you miss out on a time-saving opportunity.Try performing a lunge with a curl, or lateral raise. Or a squat with on overhead press.  You could create an entire workout around this concept and divide up your body parts and exercises so that you keeps things fresh.

Circuit training

Select a number of exercises for your entire body and perform them as a circuit with little or no rest in between. Repeat as time allows for 2-3 circuits.

Make time for your exercise

People will always find excuses to skip exercise. However, you only do damage to yourself in that way – you will have more time for something else by skipping your exercise. Try not to look in this way, since you really want to improve your overall health and condition. These tips show you how to fit exercise into the busiest of schedules and get the benefits of regular exercise. It’s not about finding the time to exercise, it’s about MAKING the time to exercise. No matter how busy you are it’s always better to do something than nothing.

The information contained in this article is strictly for informational purposes and is not intended to provide medical advice. If you are sedentary or over 40 please get clearance from a doctor before starting an exercise program in order to avoid possible problems.

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